About Me

Welcome to the new Betting And Trading Blog. I have decided to change the look and feel of the blog in order to make it better readable and easier to manage.

Trading The trading part of the blog will be very low profile as I’m not active currently and can’t see that being very different in the foreseeable future.

Footballtips The last few months I have concentrated on my punting and especially finding valuable football bets. I have posted these on this blog and on my blogabet. There was a bumpy start, I think that had something to do with picking too much summer league football. Since I have decided to write a bit of a preview with my picks and the bigger leagues start results have been very good. I’m confident that the results will stay on top this season.

With the new setup I decided to start a mailinglist for the footballtips. It isn’t setup correctly but I’m working on it. I will not ask for a subscription-fee in 2011. If you think I am doing a good job though you can donate something by using the paypal-button. Or you can just use a banner on my website and join a bookmaker, get yourselves a nice free bet or bonus as well.

So that’s about what my blog is going to be about now, mainly the footballtips.

More changes I have taken of most of the small flashy banners on the frontpage and only keep a few of them on. You can find the bookmakers and their free bet offers (I try to stay UP TO DATE) here.

What else? I’m the lucky owner of at least 1,000 betting/trading systems and I read most of them. I actually picked up quite a few good things regarding staking, mindset and attitude towards betting out of some systems. I will make a weekly post with some very informative content about betting in general and how you can get a bit more professional in your approaches. A few things have helped me and I am sure some of the things will help other people as well.

Contact As always if you want to get in contact with me about something, Betbubbles or systems for example just email me at raymond@bettingandtradingblog.com and I will be happy to help you out.

Hopefully you find something on this blog that is helpful and profitable for you.



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